Mak Apart Niger, Niamey
Logement : Type1.680 : m² (Net)2019-2020 : DuréeComplété : Statut

Mak Apart Residence project is located in the Yantala region in Niamey, the capital city of Niger. The project consists of a basement floor with a parking garage, a ground floor with apartments and 3 block floors.

There are 3 1 + 1 apartments on the ground floor, together with the lobby and multi-purpose hall for common use of the apartments. On the other floors, cantilevers were made and 2 2 + 1 flats were placed on each floor, and 9 apart flats in total were offered to use by creating dynamism on the facade with these cantilevers. In order to emphasize the movements created on the facade, single material (wooden-like composite) was used in the cantilevers, while dark gray composite cladding and horizontal lines are created on the balconies and roof parapet, light gray ceramic is used in the rest of the structure.

Using different colors and coatings on the walls, some areas have been customized, from floor coverings to lighting and joinery, all materials have been used never compromise on quality and comfort, taking into account the harmony with the spirit of the place. After the concept and application project drawings for our apart project were completed, all products required for the realization of the building were exported by us and and the construction of the building was completed by our Niger team.


Architectural Project Team:
Design: Metin Burak Güner
Application: Emre Yuksel
Coordination: Ezgi Çakmak
Project: Ezgi Çakmak, Cansu Kantık, Zehra Demirel

Mechanical Project: Asım Yılmaz
Electrical Project: İbrahim Akbaş
Static Project: İlker Börekçi