Grand Hotel Niger, Niamey
Rénovation : Type1.546 : m² (Net)2019-2020 : DuréeComplété : Statut

Grand Hotel is the renovation project of an existing hotel located in Niamey, the capital of Niger.

The hotel, which consists of 3 floors as ground floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor, has 4 different room types: 2 different suites, deluxe rooms and standard rooms. There are 6 standard, 1 deluxe and 1 suite rooms on the ground floor, while there are 11 standard rooms, 2 types of suites and 1 deluxe room on the 1st and 2nd floors.

In the hotel, all interior walls were corrected with drywall, door and window frames were changed and the interior design was completely renewed with modern and useful materials. Linear dynamism has been provided with lighting and vertical elements on the exterior, and a façade design with an aesthetic appearance has been realized. We have exported all the exterior and interior renovations, furniture designs and productions of the 36-room project and all other materials.

Architectural Project Team:
Design: Metin Burak Güner
Application: Emre Yuksel
Coordination: Ezgi Çakmak
Project: Ezgi Çakmak, Cansu Kantık, Zehra Demirel

Electrical Project: İbrahim Akbaş