Goggodou Shops Niger, Niamey
Commercial : Type1.644 : m² (Net)2018-2019 : DuréeComplété : Statut

Goggodou Shops project is located in the same area as Goggodou Villas.

Consisting of a total of 40 shops, the project was received as a rough construction. There are different types of shops in the project and each type includes mezzanine floors.

Larger and noticeable coatings were applied at intervals on the front facade and entrances were defined. Two different composite coatings that are compatible with each other are used on the facades.


Architectural Project Team:
Design: Metin Burak Güner
Application: Emre Yuksel
Coordination: Ezgi Çakmak
Project: Ezgi Çakmak, Cansu Kantık